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The company carries out excavation, earth moving, and demolition work for civil and industrial projects, including leveling and regulation of land for various uses, such as reclamation, roads, or sewers. Thanks to our own disposal facility, the work is carried out quickly and efficiently. We can also rent the hot freight excavators (with operator) to any companies in the sector.

Inert supply

The company supplies all types of inert material for construction, such as sands, gravels, and stone in various sizes and types, to its warehouse and also to the site of operation. We operate mainly in the province of Trieste and its surroundings. We can supply aggregates using 3 and 4 axle tractors and in collaboration with other companies using smaller trucks.

NATURAL / RIVER materials:


Inert waste

The company deals with the disposal of inert waste from construction activity. We manage a preliminary storage facility and preserves special waste, so that companies in the sector can supply us with demolition material, excavation earth, and bituminous mixtures. The company has vehicles available for collection of materials, including 3 and 4 axles, road pylons, and a loading service with excavators of 120 and 200 quintals. In collaboration with other companies, we offer the possibility of a collection on materials using de-mountable containers of 4 cubic meters of volume. It is important that individuals cannot come directly to the plant and must contact the municipal collection centers instead.

Road haulage

The company deals with third party transport using tipping bodies, mainly in the Triveneto area. Our fleet of vehicles varies from 3 axle and 4 axle tractors to road tractors with semi-trailers and a tub and flatbed platform, as well as a semi-trailer set up for container transport. The company is authorized for international transport on behalf of third parties and is registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers for the transportation of waste.

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